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Our Mission

The South End Community Center (SECC) is a non-profit organization serving children, youth and families in the Springfield community, with a focus on the South End. The SECC is dedicated to helping individuals develop the qualities needed to become responsible and caring citizens. To achieve this, we provide a variety of quality programs in lifelong learning, youth programs and family support designed to assist in the educational, emotional, physical, and social development of Springfield residents. The South End Community is the second most impoverished community (49.7%) in Springfield, second to only the North End. Furthermore, one out of every three children (33% under 18 yrs of age) in Springfield lives in poverty, a stat which is higher than cities such as Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles. Therefore, existing/and new programs and collaborations have been vital to sustain the only community center serving the South End of Springfield.


The SECC boasts an actively involved Board of Directors. The SECC Board of Director’s conducts fundraisers, supports programming, and is critical to maintaining the SECC Fundraisers include the Annual Golf Tournament, Holiday Appeal and Community Brunches (TBA). Board Members also offer suggestions concerning programmatic aspects and are flexible to the needs of the Center and its members.


With its many collaborations and support the SECC provides a safe haven for our youth. In the very challenging urban environment that is the South End of Springfield, volunteers, the Board, the staff the community and funders to help the SECC continue to offer a positive place to play, learn, socialize, network, and hold activities for the community and the Greater Springfield area.

Out of school time

The After-School Program is designed to host school-aged children between 5 – 14 years of age. The program will take place from Monday, August 26, 2019 through Tuesday, June 19, 2020 or until the last day of school for Springfield Public Schools. The program provides assistance in homework to all of the children on a daily basis. Worksheets and academic activities along with a culminating activity at the end of a time period are given to the children in order to help monitor and increase academic awareness as well as assist with MCAS preparation. The educational and recreational activities are put in place in order to help with the overall development of each child serviced in the program. At the South End Community Center, positive reinforcement for each child is expressed through weekly awards and incentive points, which can be used for prizes and gift cards. Every child is also able to express themselves through performing arts, crafts, spoken word, and presentations. The program takes place Monday through Friday directly after school and lets out at 6:30 PM.

SECC Tigerz sports

The SECC Tigerz sports programs provides youth between the ages of 5 and 14 with the ability to compete at the recreational, travel and AAU levels. SECC Tigerz fields teams for basketball, baseball, soccer and cheer. Our Purpose Driven program develops youth both physically, socially and mentally. We support our students both on the court, in the field and in the classroom. Join our Tigerz family today, and join more than just a team, join our family.

community youth corps

The mission of the SECC Community Youth Corps (CYC) is to promote and teach community awareness and community participation, as an alternative to gang involvement, while gaining the necessary leadership skills needed in today’s society. At the same time, each participant will gain self-discipline, improved self-confidence and increased self-esteem. The CYC is composed of SECC members in the age range of 11 – 18 years of age. The goal is to provide a youth group that focuses on volunteerism. The South End community has many needs with one of the solutions being active teen involvement and participation in resolving neighborhood issues related to gang and youth violence. The group operates by a charter and elects its own officers, schedules regular meetings, and performs community outreach.


In Springfield, one out of every three children under 18 lives in poverty. Springfield’s 33% poverty rate for children under 18 is the highest in the State, and 40th of all U.S. cities ahead of Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington D.C. These figures are staggering. Furthermore, in the South End of Springfield, two out of every five children lives in poverty that’s 40% of children in the community.

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