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secc news and updates

Congratulations to the red team on their championship for the Winter League. Who will be the champions of the Spring League?

Our Biddy Basketball League is nearing the end of the season. Biddy Basketball players range from the age of 5 to 7 years old. Biddy Basketball allows kids to gain confidence in a controlled basketball environment. Our volunteer coaches and referees take each moment as a teachable moment to enhance children's lives both on and off the court. The biddy basketball league will conclude with an all star game and a futures game on February 20th at 10:00am. You can watch our Biddy Ballers play for free on If you enjoyed the Winter League or missed registration for the Winter League and would like to join our Spring League, click here to register today.

Itty Bitty Activities take place every Saturday at 9am at the South End Community Center. We provide sports and activities for kids 3 and 4 years old, all year long. To learn more about Itty Bitty Activities click here.

Our South End Community Center Tigerz teams have been competing on weekends in The Court League. This league brings teams from all over Western Massachusetts to the South End Community Center every weekend. Our undefeated 5/6th grade boys team and 5/6th grade girls teams both with a record of 3-0 highlight the basketball program. Although it's too late to join our Court League teams we will be holding AAU/Travel basketball tryouts on February 16th and February 18th, see the flier below for more details.

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