Join our CYC program for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19. We foster community, leadership and help youth adjust to the transition to adulthood. Through our program your teen will be primed for employment at the South End Community Center after orientation in our program. Complete the form below to let us know more about your teens interests and talents and our CYC coordinator will get back you within two business days.
Are you a middle school or high school counselor or school staff member who knows a child or children who may benefit from our program? Email our recruiting coordinator at to coordinate services.
Mission Statement

The mission of the SECC Community Youth Corps (CYC) is to promote and teach community awareness and community participation, as an alternative to gang involvement, while gaining the necessary leadership skills needed in today’s society. At the same time, each participant will gain self-discipline, improved self-confidence and increased self-esteem. The CYC is composed of SECC members in the age range of 11 – 18 years of age. The goal is to provide a youth group that focuses on volunteerism. The South End community has many needs with one of the solutions being active teen involvement and participation in resolving neighborhood issues related to gang and youth violence. The group operates by a charter and elects its own officers, schedules regular meetings, and performs community outreach.


In Springfield, one out of every three children under 18 lives in poverty. Springfield’s 33% poverty rate for children under 18 is the highest in the State, and 40th of all U.S. cities ahead of Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington D.C. These figures are staggering. Furthermore, in the South End of Springfield, two out of every five children lives in poverty that’s 40% of children in the community.

The Goals of the CYC are:


  • Provide a positive leadership platform to recruit and guide at risk children and youth

  • Provide a high visibility platform for youth to be involved in positive projects that will prepare them for becoming contributing members of our society

  • Introduce our children and youth to Volunteerism (helping someone help them), community service, and outreach efforts

  • To provide a positive alternative to gangs, and other negative influences affecting our children and youth today.

  • Provide a mechanism to allow youth to help other youth who may be at the crossroads






CYC will be limited to 30 youth members. Each group will be supervised by the program coordinator meeting on 2 different days of the week. All members are required to complete the full application, returned with their parents/guardians’ signature. Each member is expected to attend all scheduled meeting times and participate in all volunteer community service projects, along with outreach and other special events and/or activities provided by CYC.

CYC interest form

Hours of operation 

Mon-Fri: 9AM to 9PM

Saturday: 9AM to 3PM

Sunday: Closed

contact us

99 Marble Street

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Tel: 413-788-6173

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