Join us for our out of school time which consists of our after school program and our summer programming. Continue reading below to learn about our program.
After School Program
The After-School Program is designed to host school-aged children between 5 – 14 years of age. The program will takes place from Monday, August 31, 2019 through Thursday, June 24, 2020 or until the last day of school for Springfield Public Schools. The program provides assistance in homework to all of the children on a daily basis. Worksheets and academic activities along with a culminating activity at the end of a time period are given to the children in order to help monitor and increase academic awareness as well as assist with MCAS preparation. The educational and recreational activities are put in place in order to help with the overall development of each child serviced in the program. At the South End Community Center, positive reinforcement for each child is expressed through weekly awards and incentive points, which can be used for prizes and gift cards. Every child is also able to express themselves through performing arts, crafts, spoken word, and presentations. The program takes place Monday through Friday directly after school lets out until 6:30 PM. Complete the form at the bottom of the page and Rocky will get in touch with you to begin the registration process.
Vacation Program
The South End Community Center provides full-day programming for the Mid-Winter Vacation and Spring Vacation for Springfield Public Schools. These programs are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM where breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack will be provided for all the participants. Each day will be filled with activities for academics and athletics that will keep everyone learning and entertained throughout the week.
Summer Program
The Summer Activities is an eight-week program which takes place directly after the school year ends for Springfield elementary schools. Each year the program develops a theme that the program will be modeled around. The Summer Activities Program will provide weekly field trips, breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack at no extra charge to the families. The program is designed for school-aged children from 5 – 12 years of age. Curriculums are in place to help with the learning loss experienced during the summer months for most children as well as their overall development. The curriculums consist of activities that teach the children about nature, performing arts, fitness, nutrition, and the history of the city of Springfield. A daily curriculum concentrated on literacy is a part of the program. Each participant will be given pre and post testing to ensure that each participant is gaining skills necessary to succeed in literacy when back in their respective schools. The South End Community Center, on weekly basis, implements activities that the children participate in order to test the retention of the ideas and materials; they learned throughout the week. Positive reinforcement and awards are given to the entire program for retaining these ideas and materials. At the end of the eight-week program, each child is given awards for the finishing the programs they were a part of and the program puts on a performance to their parents to show them what they learned throughout the summer.
Please complete the form below if you intend to apply for our programs or download the pdf and bring it with you when you register for our programs.

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